Farah Zahedi, Iran

Nature means alot to me. Its a break from everything in life. When you spend some hours in the nature you feel like you receive a lot of positive energy and become refreshed. Its all good memories for me. I used to spend a lot of time with my family and close friends in the…

Donal Yeang, Cambodia

Nature means life to me because the whole ecosystem services from it nurture all the life (such as human, plants, animals and so on) on the earth in which all depend on so protecting nature means protecting our life.

Augustin D. Joël , Haiti

Ensemble de tous les êtres qui composent le contact dans l’univers dans plusieurs espace et cellule différents avec le lien commun qui est la vie, avec tout l’organisme et avec tout l’Univers. Dans chaque être ou l’homme et l’Univers se reflètent un temps, un milieu et une espèce. Dans chacun de ces êtres se reflète…

Nicolas Talloni Alvarez , Chile

La naturaleza en el otoño es el viento fresco acariciando mi cara cuando voy en bicicleta. En invierno es el parque cubierto de nieve y hielo extrañando el juego de los niños refugiados en sus casas.  En primavera, la naturaleza es alergia profunda, ojos rojos y estornudo constante. La naturaleza en el verano es recostarme…

Valentina Padilla Ochoa, Colombia

La naturaleza es la parte más importante del planeta, gracias a ella respiramos. Es el pulmón del mundo.  Nature is the most important part of the planet, thanks to it we breathe. It is the lung of the world.

Alan Monroy Ojeda, Mexico

Nature is me. Is us. Is everything. Is connection. Is colors, sounds, scents, flavors and mystery. Nature is a constant miracle of flowing energy.

Ricardo Pelai, Bolivia

Nature to me means life, connection, and mystery. Life because we are surrounded by a variety of living organisms (plants, animals, humans, etc.) that together make for incredibly dynamic ecosystems that have a life of their own as well. Connection because I think nature elements are linked (either directly or indirectly), and are in many…

Grecia Bárcena , Mexico

Nature means peace, a place to be with myself without being judged. Nature is where time doesn’t exist and where Wi-Fi is not the way to connect. My door to inspiration, adventure and connection to a common culture, life.  Follow me  at Insta: @unfilteredcultures

Alejandra Echeverri, Colombia

La Naturaleza es el lugar donde lo que parece surreal, es verdaderamente posible y tangible. La Naturaleza es aquel lugar donde el canto de un turpial, la risa de un chimpancé, o el croar de una rana, me recuerdan que este mundo no es mío. Que soy visitante en una tierra que no es solamente…

Robin Suyesh, India

Observing nature gives me spiritual experience. When I am out in the forest making observations I become happier, relaxed and focused. Life in a city is nothing like living in a nature reserve, where there are plenty of options to rest our eyes on something amazing and beautiful. I am fortunate to have travelled to…