Bunu Ghimire , Nepal

For me, nature is grass, water, tree and everything around me it is life for me. There is nature in every breath we take, there is nature in every drop we drink therefore there is nature in every life that is alive. Nature remains a beautiful thing in the eye of many people like me. Since it has an associated relation with the environment that we live, it is hard to define what nature is. Whatever existed in this universe without any efforts of the human being, which we can see, touch and feel that falls under nature, its organic creation. It will be incomplete if we confine nature within the meaning of the material existence of anything because it is also a matter of feelings.

If I have to say being a Nepali, many people define it as an aesthetic thing that is connected with the environment. Therefore, the nature of Nepal is the beautiful thing for many. I have visited many places in Nepal and I found the same. In every visit, I tried to understand nature differently and I try to connect it with biological diversity that can be seen in Nepal. The existence of nature is only possible through biological diversity.  Because of the geographical landscape, that is divided among different three Parts Mountain, hills and plains many consider the nature of Nepal as the beautiful blessing. But these days nature become a victim of many diseases like climate change, global warming etc. The presence of nature to ensure my existence being ‘me’ is an undeniable fact. Therefore, for me, it is hard to define nature in a single meaning. Sometimes it becomes the matters of feelings, sometimes a thing that I am looking around and as a Nepali, it is Himal, Pahadand Terai. Yes, nature is life for me.

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