Norah Mahlangu, South Africa

Nature is everything that naturally exits and is not created by humans; this includes the plants, animals, oceans and the landscapes that bring about balance to the ecosystem. Nature brings serenity, peace, and a moment to forget the forever busy world and connect with oneself. Having grown up in the Township of South Africa, there is not much nature to admire except for the little gardens that people have in their front yards, to the domestic animals they adopt in their backyards. Now years later living in the city proves to be no different with the sky-high buildings, and the busy and noisy streets leaving less space for nature and less to admire. In a general sense, this creates with it a little appreciation of nature. On the contrary in South Africa nature is accessible. There are still a lot of places reserved where one can escape to, for the purpose of appreciating Mother Nature. In today’s world, we search for ways to improve and better our lives and this brings with it innovation and new technology; where some of these improvements bring with it disturbances to nature. Therefore I am thankful for the people that fight each day to preserve the environment so the future generation can also appreciate the benefits that nature offers

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