Yasmin Zeidan, Palestine/ Jordan

I think nature is what we see when we slow down. During this past summer, I went on a road trip with my family throughout California. We took the “1” highway from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. The views were unparalleled to anything that I have seen before ( The picture inserted above). With no cellular reception or internet for a full day, we bonded over ancient Arabic music (the 70s and 60s ) and our reactions to the spectacular scenery. My point is, nature has always been there, but only limiting the distractions of our everyday lives made us truly appreciate it. I’ve always been a nature kid myself, climbing trees and admiring sunsets all the time. But if we love or admire something so much, why are we also the cause of its destruction and exploitation? I believe that there shouldn’t room to discuss otherwise. Nature means a lot of things to me. Unfortunately, it does remind me of what could be but isn’t. We are losing our beautiful rainforests and intelligent species every single day. On the other hand, nature also reminds me of all the people that willingly offer their time to save it, to make this world a better place for all creatures. Personally, I am hoping to pursue a career in environmental science/ international relations or politics. I do not want to be the generation that encounters sinking countries or fish-less oceans. Nature always reminds me of our duty as the human race ( at least as decent individuals) to fight the wrongdoings or mistakes that greatly impact our planet.

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