Idowu Ogundipe, Nigeria

I live in the city of Lagos. Thus, I don’t get to see the sunset or sunrise, nor can I count or see the stars due to the skyscrapers and high buildings typical of urban cities. Anytime I need to clear my head or meditate, the first place I think of is the beach, lakes, forest areas or any place where there is a body of water. The tranquility of these environments does wonders to the soul. To me, nature is a natural rejuvenating mechanism to keep me sane in an insane world. Nature is the crickets that make sounds at night. Nature is the wind that blows cool at night and the morning dew. Nature is children playing in the rain with great enthusiasm. Nature is the moon illuminating the pathways at night. Nature is animals and birds moving freely without any impediment. Nature is that intuition that speaks to our mind, soul and body. Nature is the macrobiotic food we eat. Nature is tales by moonlight (a time when children gather at night to listen to folktales being told by an adult in most villages in Nigeria). Nature is the ecosystem devoid of pollution or destructive exploitation. Nature is the natural resources managed sustainably. Nature is a time machine (environment) sent to us from the future that we mismanage, unfortunately. The everyday mysteries human beings strive to decipher are nature. Nature is everything and anything that has not been contaminated with human activities. Nature is eternal. It comes and goes. But I am afraid there are some things we may never be able to recover.

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