Carol Shan, China







Nature brings me peaceful mood I spend most of my time in cities, but it is the natural beauty that calms me down. I am completely relaxed when I hike in the countryside with hearing waterfalls lapping against the rocks, wander around grasslands with seeing groups of sheep and cows walking in the distance, and lie down on beaches with sunshine glaring on me. Thanks to the generous nature, I can enjoy all of these wonderful experiences. Nature makes me modest It takes the earth billions of years to evolve into a habitat for various species, ranging from terrestrial to aquatic. People have been trying to conquer the environment: they climb the highest peak, explore the darkest ocean bottom, and detect the deepest earth’s core… It occurs to me how we human beings are small in the face of the enormous nature because despite these efforts, much of the nature is still mysterious to us, and it continues attracting people to explore more. Nature makes me think a lot Human used to be in harmony with nature, but it has changed dramatically in recent years with the improvement of technology and the demand for better living condition. A sentence in the movie Megalodon impresses me, “we discover, and we destroy”. It reflects how modern people are damaging the environment: deforestation, water pollution, species extinction and so on. We have to face the fact that if we don’t take action right now, the natural beauty that once amazed our ancestors and us will vanish forever in recent future.

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