Sophie Rose Lewis, United Kingdom

What does Nature mean to me? To me, Nature is: The animals and plants and their behaviours, The intricate and ever-changing interactions between all that exists and has existed on the land and oceans, The shifting tectonic plates, The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, Simultaneously beautiful, fascinating and violent, The conversion of energy, The Sun and gravity, Quantum theory, The electricity we use to warm our houses, the oil we burn, the plastic we throw away, the animals we use and consume, The intelligence of all species, Cultural learning and adaptation All human behaviours and biology beyond what are commonly seen as “normal” or is understood. When I enjoy a coffee, when I brush my teeth, Birth, sickness, aging, and death The joy I get when I talk to my friends. Knowledges humanity collectively hold, and knowledges lost. Nature to me is everything we have yet to learn and understand and the fraction that all our intellectual and artistic pursuits can reveal to us. Nature to me is incredible.

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