Reizl Pamaong Jose, Philippines

Nature is the bassinet of life.  It nurtures life on its bosom by providing the very basic of its needs.  From the air that we breathe, the water that quenches our thirst, the food that gives us strength and sunshine that keeps us warm.  Nature also provides life protection, so that even the tiniest species can have a fair chance of surviving. It provides the spiders their webs, the lizards their ability to mimic their surroundings, sonar abilities to the bats, and all these were intricately designed for life to sustain itself and co-exist with the others.  Nature provides healing environment so that it can heal by itself.  I believe that everybody who has been given life is not only given the privileges of life but the responsibility to take care of the very important thing that nurtures life itself – and that is in my opinion, Nature.

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