Ashutosh Shankar, India

The nature is not what we experience with our five senses, it is much beyond that. When an unborn child is growing in the mother’s womb, it is not aware of the world that exists outside. For the unborn, mother’s womb is the entire cosmos that exists. For humans, the physical world surrounding us is the only realm that exists. But if you pay attention, a realization will dawn that in true senses, the nature surrounding us is not much different from a mother’s womb enfolding an unborn. Our breath being the umbilical cord linking us to the mother nature, providing nourishment like a mother nurtures the foetus. In our ignorance, we consider the world as our battlefield, without realizing that we are still in the incubating womb of the mother nature. And so, in Indian mythology the enlightened beings are called “Dwija”, that is the one who is “born again”. The first birth is from the mother’s womb and the second and the real birth or “Nirvana” when you finally attain freedom from mother nature’s incubating womb.

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