Bonnie Leung, Canada

For me, Nature represents love, happiness, freedom, peacefulness, reflection and appreciation.

My boyfriend and I love to go for walks.  He lives near a ravine which has a lot of surrounding trails.  We like looking at the cloud formations and we like admiring the natural beauty of the outdoors.  We love looking at sunsets.

During our walks we are able to have long conversations about anything and everything.  It’s a time to reflect on our day, to reflect on our relationship, and to laugh about funny topics.  It’s a time to appreciate each other’s company. We value our honest perspectives and open communication.

Sometimes during our walks there are brief moments of silence where we just listen to the running creek in the ravine or observe a squirrel run up tree branches chasing another squirrel.  We love that Nature brings us peace and tranquility to just enjoy the moment.

Finally, Nature symbolizes freedom for me.  The freedom to breathe fresh air.  My boyfriend was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver when he was a teenager.  When he was little, he developed asthma.  Luckily now as an adult, he no longer has asthma.  Many of his close family and friends moved back to Hong Kong.  He chose to stay in Vancouver because the air quality is much better than Hong Kong.  If he moved back to Hong Kong, I would have never met him.  Nature represents many things to me, but most of all it symbolizes infinite love and happiness.

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