Saumya Mathur, India

I see Nature as a gorgeous, magnificent and an inspirational being, which is calming yet energizing, adventurous yet grounded, compassionate yet brutal and gentle yet rough- and most of the times, all at once.  Brought up in a traditional family in India where various manifestations of nature such as sun, moon, stars, rivers and forests formed an integral part of our culture and rituals, respecting nature was inherent in me.  I feel a special bond with nature which is almost parent-like, where I know that I will be loved unconditionally and I can always fall back upon it for guidance and inspiration, but will also be reprimanded for disobeying it.  I am not a poet, but I was able to write a few lines, justifying my belief that nature to me is truly inspirational.
Climb a mountain and watch a river flow, get lost in the woods, and see a tree grow;
Get wet in the rains and watch the birds fly,
‘coz nothing’s gonna give you a greater ‘high’.
Nature is life for me and I cannot imagine a world without its beautiful creations.

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