Janice Mack, Canada

When I think about nature I think about my childhood in Saskatoon. Of the brutal winters, and how my siblings and I would spend hours each day building snow forts in the back yard. In the spring, we would giddily bike through rain storms and puddles. In the summer, I would run terrified from the darting dragon flies and mosquitoes. In the fall, the park would be lit up in shades of red, yellow and green leaves, it was a peaceful time.

Now that we live in Vancouver, the seasons aren’t as distinct. But I enjoy seeing my kids happy in nature, and the freedom of the outdoors. My daughter can play in the park for hours, and loves picnics on the grass.

Being in nature is rejuvenating for me and us as a family, a chance to relax and recharge. I think that children inherently need to be outside, to feel the wind in their face and to freely explore. Nature means to me discovery, freedom, fun, relaxation and contentment.

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