Chandima Silva, Srilanka

The word ‘nature’ immediately conjures up a variety of images in me. I associate it with the azure blue waters of the Indian ocean lapping on golden sand, smoky hills covered in tea plantations and kissed with sunlight streaming through pinholes in the clouds, the cold majestic mountains of the North shore, the tall and majestic sequoia, elephants, peacocks, the sun bears and us, humans.I am also reminded of the fact that we speak of nature in a way that divorces humans from it, as if we are separate from all that is nature. I wonder if this disassociation makes it easier for us to destroy so callously.Nature means everything that that this world provides us with, our very life is only sustained by the grace of the nature around us. One day, I hope we will all realize that we are part of nature and that we must do everything to protect and not destroy.

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